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We are Pastificio Laporta, the company which ancient artisanal tradition was born with the first Laporta. We have begun laboriously with the fresh pasta in the province and the region to came a production of dry pasta in 1979, the date when was born “Il Mastropastaio Laporta”.

Evaluating the market’s perspective and the concrete possibility to integrate successfully into a well-defined niche of market, it was decided to initiate a productive activity of type of manufacturing in the production of artisanal dried pasta.

These are the means and the methods to achieve it:

All these properties joined together give life to our artisan paste, covered with a rough patina, giving the particularity to be able to absorb and withhold the sauce.

This causes that the paste of the production of the Pastificio Laporta unite perfectly all the sauces with which it is prepared, to be enjoyed then. Yes, enjoyed, because only the artisan paste has a own innate taste and as opposed to industrial products, which acquires taste only in the basic of the sauce with which is seasoned.


Pastificio Laporta began to market its products in the province and region, and only over the years, thanks to the experience that has allowed us to bring the product in the largest Italian GDO, was finally able to reach distant destinations, where today Laporta brand is known and recognized worldwide.

Pasta Laporta is presented out of Italy in over than 20 countries around the world such as Usa, Canada, Germania, Inghilterra, Francia, Olanda, Belgio, Emirati Arabi Uniti, Cina, Australia ecc.

The increasing trend of the market and the position reached within the domestic and international markets requiring inevitable expansion that led the company to plan investments in 1999 have given life to the realization of a new factory that even having the size and characteristics of the industry level and make use of advanced machinery, this has not prevented the Pastificio Laporta to maintain and guarantee that production answers the canons of tradition and craftsmanship, the values on which the company has always focused on.

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